FRC Team 1647, founded in 2004, is made up of students from Seneca and Shawnee High Schools, located in Burlington County, New Jersey. In addition to our students, we are also made up of our sponsors, mentors, and parents. We currently have 22 members, and we are planning to continue to grow through our outreach projects.

The Iron Devils are rooted in the Pine Barrens in South Jersey, and many things about our team, including our name, speak to our origin. The “Iron” comes from bog iron, an incredibly important material in South Jersey history. Bog iron is a form of iron deposit that forms in swamps, and often contains other chemicals that make it naturally resistant to rusting. Bog iron was mined for the production of tools, and in the American Revolution, it was even used to make cannonballs for the colonial forces. The “Devils” part of our name comes from the Jersey Devil, a creature said to live in the Pine Barrens in South Jersey.

Throughout our 19-year history, the Iron Devils have made many great accomplishments in competition. This archive contains a full list of our team accomplishments, from 2004 to 2023.

This page contains important information for Seneca or Shawnee students interested in joining our robotics team!

FIRST is a global robotics organization that hosts different robotics competitions for different age groups: FIRST Lego League (Prek-8th Grade), FIRST Tech Challenge (7th-12th Grade), and FIRST Robotics Competition (9th-12th Grade).

Within our team, we split into different groups called subteams. These subteams create the perfect environment for everyone to find a place in the Iron Devils, no matter their interests.