Our team is broken up into four main subteams: mechanical, electrical, software, and management. All of these subteams contribute to the success of our team and our robot. This team structure not only allows us to work efficiently, but also allows new members to explore different fields in STEM and eventually focus on a specific interest.


The mechanical subteam is in charge of the bulk of the construction and design of our robot. Students in the mechanical subteam gain skills in metal fabrication, computer aided design, and general tool skills.


The software team is responsible for writing the code that allows our robot to run. Some of the specific tasks they are tasked with include controlling motors, pneumatics, and position tracking systems. Students on the software team gain skills in problem-solving, computer literacy, and Java programming.


The electrical subteam serves as the bridge between mechanical and software. They are responsible for wiring the robot and ensuring that it runs smoothly. Students in the electrical subteam gain experience with wire cutting and splicing, motors, and the mechanics of electricity.


Our management team handles everything that doesn't directly relate to building our robot. The team manages our website, outreach, community events, and award applications, including the Chairman's Award. Students on the mechanical subteam gain presentation, communication, and graphic skills.