Our Mentors

Mr. DiVincenzo (Retired)

Mr. DiVincenzo is the founder of the Iron Devils, and has been with our team since its beginnings in 2004. Similarly, Mr. D taught at Seneca High School in its first year after teaching at Cherokee High School for 19 years. Throughout his career, Mr. D has taught photography and other technology classes. Prior to becoming a teacher, Mr. D earned his B.S. in Industrial Arts and Technology Education from Glassboro State College (now Rowan University), and later earned his M.A. in Technology Education. 

Ms. Enos

Ms. Enos' first experience with robotics was not with the Iron Devils, but with FRC Team 303, The Test Team, for all four years of high school. After high school, Ms. Enos went to Rowan University for a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and Liberal Arts Math and Science, as well as a minor in Special Education. She also later earned her Master's Degree in Biological Science from Clemson University. Enos is now a science and special education teacher at Seneca High School and has been a mentor on our team for 7 years. 

Mrs. Wagner

Mrs. Wagner's first experience with FIRST was through her little brother's robotics team, which inspired her to become one of the mentors for the Iron Devils. Before joining our team, Mrs. Wagner graduated from Stockton University for her Bachelor's Degree in Biology and Education, and later earned her Master's Degree in Biology from Clemson University. Mrs. Wagner is now a biology teacher at Shawnee High School, and has been with the Iron Devils for 7 seasons.

Mr. Blouch

Mr. Blouch may have only one year of Iron Devils mentoring experience under his belt, but he is no stranger to STEM. After high school, Mr. Blouch went to Ocean County College, and later Virginia Tech for Mechanical Engineering. He also received his Bachelor's Degree in Physics with a teaching certification from Stockton University. After graduation, Mr. Blouch became a Physics and Project Lead the Way Engineering teacher at Shawnee High School. Despite this being his first year with FIRST, Mr. Blouch also has past robotics experience from the IEEE Women in Engineering of South Jersey. The Iron Devils are excited to have Mr. Blouch on our team, and hope to continue to work with him in the future!

Ms. Voiro

The newest mentor to the Iron Devils family, Ms. Voiro is eager to join the team! Though she may not have prior STEM experience, she is excited to learn alongside the students in order to help lead the team to a brighter future. She graduated college with an Associates of Applied Science in Pastry Arts and she currently works at Seneca as a Paraprofessional.

Mr. Clancy 

The newest mentor to the Iron Devils family.  Mr. Clancy was an alumni to our team and now is a mentor. He has been helping and guiding the team since his graduation in 2016. Mr. Clancy went to Fairleigh Dickinson  University where he graduated with a bachelors degree in Sport Management in 2020. He comes back to mentor because he wants to give team memebers the same expierience that he had, and ti make a meaningful impact on thier lives like his mentors did for him.