In addition to preparing our robot, our team also organizes many outreach projects in our community! Our mission is to expand STEM education through fun events and by starting and assisting other FIRST teams.

Brooks Collins Chocolate and Honey Post Dine and Donate 

For the first time, our team has partnered with Honey Post and Brooks Collins Chocolates for two dine and donates. 

Pancake Breakfast

Every year, our team hosts our Pancake Breakfast, where elementary and middle school students can come to enjoy breakfast and participate in STEM-based activities led by our team members. Our most recent Pancake Breakfast took place on March 19, 2022, and was our first time hosting this event since the start of the pandemic. We are really excited to continue to host events like this for our community in the future!

Mask Donations

In 2020, our team worked with the organization FRC Against COVID-19,  group of local FRC teams including FRC 2729 and FRC 5113. We sought to use robotics teams’ resources to create face shields for hospitals in our area in the spring of 2020. The project primarily involved 3D printing face shields, however students on our team also sewed face masks. Independently, our team was able to donate around 1,000 face masks and shields using the resources that we had available at the time.