Team Resource Archive

As an 19-year-old team, we have gained valuable experience in the world of FIRST robotics that we are eager to share with our community. The resources found on this page are examples of some of the things we have learned throughout our history, and we hope that they can serve as a tool for other teams. We also hope that as time goes on, we are able to add more information to be used by our community and future Iron Devils.

We have compiled a full list of every FRC team in New Jersey for the convenience of people interested in joining an FRC Team, but don't know which teams exist in their area. We also hope that this list helps teams in our area have a better understanding of FIRST in our community.

The IMPACT Award is the most prestigious award offered by FIRST as it is given to the team who best represents the mission of FIRST. Outside of actual team-run outreach projects, a large part of this award is the essay submission. We have provided our essay submissions from years that we have won the IMPACT Award for other teams' use. 

A FIRST team is so much more than only building robots, and the work of our team reflects that. Our management team prepares our events, manages our team, and writes our awards essays. This page includes other resources such as an example Business Plan to help management teams.

Our team greatly values safety, and we hope to encourage other teams to stay safe as well. We use our safety manual to prevent any dangerous situations from occurring, as well as to teach new members the importance of safety. While our safety manual is specific to our team, it may still be useful to other teams looking to improve their safety protocols.

Setting up a comprehensive plan for the progression of our season is an important cornerstone in ensuring the smooth development of our robot. The general outline remains about the same, however we make sure to update it each year to fit each season's individual deadlines.