Management Resources

Business Plan/Entrepreneurship Award

Managing the team's structure and finance is an important part of being a FIRST robotics team. A good place to start managing a team in this way is a business plan. The business plan that our team uses fits the outline of FIRST's Entrepreneurship Award, however it is worth noting that there can be more information included in business plans for other uses. We provided an example of our 2022 business plan below.

Woodie Flowers Award

The Woodie Flowers award is submitted by a student to honor one of their mentors who serve as an excellent adult leader on their team. Normally, the Iron Devils nominate one of our own mentors for the Woodie Flowers Award every year. Amongst the requirements for the nominated mentor to be considered for the award is a student-submitted essay, and we have included some examples of these essays below to serve as a guide and to honor our mentors.